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Planning & Installation:

1.  If you can, plan to locate your electrical boxes horizontally in the bottom rail of your paneling system.  This eliminates moving boxes to have them fall into the flat area of a panel.

2. Using New England Classic Casing (instead of existing casing or some other casing) gives your room that Custom Look that you'd get if you had a custom millworker design and install a panel system in your home (at a fraction of the cost).  Plan for 1 CasingPak for each window or door. (contents: 3 pcs-8' Casing, and 3 pcs-8' Backband).

3.  Planning a panel system around baseboard hot water heating?  You have various options:
     a. Cut a strip off the top of a base rail (1" or so), and mount it directly above the baseboard. This necessitates raising the base rail in areas of the room where there is no baseboard heat, so the entire system finishes off level.  You will need to supply filler material ( 1" stock or New England Classic rail material (optional) to accomplish this method.
     b. Frame around the baseboard with trim at least 3/4" thick. Panels and stiles should butt against the frame and be secured by nailing into the surrounding wall system.
     c. Perhaps the best solution is to have your heating contractor move the baseboard away from the wall 1-2".  This shows that you planned for the paneling system, especially if the heating system is replaced sometime in the future.

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