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Installation Guide Overview

Each package of New England Classic products comes complete with an installation guide. Here are the highlights of the installation process.

1. After installing the base rail, begin slipping in your stiles and panels. Apply a few dabs of adhesive on the back of the panels just to hold them in place as you move along.

2. Slip the panels into the groove at the top of the bottom rail.
3. At an "outside" corner, the stiles overlap to form a neat, rounded- over edge.
4. Frame a baseboard heater with 3/4"-thick wood and notch the panels and stiles to fit around it.
5. Cut a hole in the panel for an electrical outlet. Arrange the panel layout or move the outlet so it falls in the flat portion of a panel. You may also be able to place the outlet in the base rail.


6. Beneath a window, turn panels on their side.

7. Trim a stile and fit it above the horizontal panel. Wide filler-stiles are used on either side of the window.

8. The top rail will hold all the panels and stiles to the wall. If nailing by hand, use a nail set to drive the nail head into the nailing groove.
9. Now you're ready to install the cap, mitering at the corners.

10. Pre-drill if nailing by hand. If you use an air-nailer, this is unnecessary.
11. Finally, install the shoe to fit against the floor and you're ready to stain or paint.

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