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How to Place an Order

Let Us Do the Design Work

  1. Download the Design Request Form or the Stair Design Request Form and print it out.
  2. * For New Construction Download the Project Measuring Guide for New Home Construction.
  3. Measure your room to the nearest 1/4 "
  4. Layout your room on the Design Request Form, answering all the appropriate questions. (Using New England Classic Casing give your room that Custom Look that you'd get if you had a custom millworker design and install a panel system in your home at a fraction of the cost.) Plan for 1 Casing Pak for each window or door (contents: 3 pcs-8' Casing, and 3 pcs-8' Backband).
  5. Email your Design Request Form to: newenglandpanel@gmail.com.
  6. We'll do the design work and fax (or mail) it to you, along with our quotation including delivery to your address.

    The design work is done free of charge and usually is completed in a day or two!


If You Already Know What You Need,
Go To Our Product Order Form.
Complete and Submit the F
orm and We Will Price Out Your Order.

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